Solutions for ANY Concrete Surface

Concrete resurfacing doesn't always have to include a decorative overlay to the concrete's surface. Similar to the maintenance of a car's paint- cleaning, repairing, and making sure there's a protective layer over the surface greatly improves the aesthetics and longevity of a concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, etc.

Surface Cleaning

Our industrial pressure washing equipment and various chemicals that we use remove the toughest stains and built-up grime. After removing rust, oil, mildew, tire tracks, and overall "filth"- we apply sealer to keep the surface stain resistant and protect the surface from moisture that causes cracks. 

Patch Repair

Cracks, "pock" marks, spalling and other low points in the concrete surface can leave moisture, salt, and other containments to sit and continue to deteriorate the substrate. If left unattended, this will turn into bigger issues that will decrease the longevity of the concrete and result in higher expenses. Our various repair agents and procedures will remedy the unsightly imperfections and result in a better looking stable surface. 



The protective coatings we apply provide a moisture and stain resistant surface that keep the concrete looking newer for longer. This is the best way to help insure your new or old concrete investment lasts. Transparent sealers can vary in the desired sheen from matte to high gloss or even colored to fit the look wanted for your concrete surface.  

Specialty Coatings

Concrete countertops, veneer/masonry block, polished concrete, epoxy floors and other decorative surfaces require additional coatings such as; urethanes, waxes, and slip resistant coatings. We install these specialty concrete coatings for customers who want to bring their floor back to what it once looked like whenever it was initially installed.  

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