100% Seamless Flooring

Epoxy Flooring is an increasingly popular flooring option but one of the more difficult products to work with. We've spent years perfecting our installation and the results are stunning! This concrete resurfacing option creates a seamless floor that not only gives it it's marbleized look but is impenetrable for bacteria and allows for easy cleaning/maintenance.  

Epoxy Flake

The rapid cast chip system is widely popular for both commercial and residential settings. This system allows you to choose between different color options on the base coat as well as the flake. A top coat of clear urethane gives added protection that makes its suitable to stand up to nearly any setting.  

Metallic FX

When mixed with High Performance Clear Epoxy, metal shavings are allowed to flow through the coating to create a unique marbleized look. This overlay creates a uniform seamless coating to the concrete surface. Having no cracks or holes in the surface allows for easy maintenance and an excellent way to enhance the entire space that it occupies.    

Pigmented Epoxy

Sometimes a plain color is desired to turn an aged floor that has been discolored and marred into a uniform surface.  

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